I am a self-taught photographer. I learned the basic techniques from my father, an avid photographer, who started capturing our life in an Alaskan village in the 1940s with stills and 8mm movies. He lent me his Miranda 35mm SLR to take to Peru for my semesters abroad and I was hooked! Most of my photos were of Nature and I often waited many minutes for people to clear out of the frame before I pressed the shutter. Over the years I discovered that having people in an image can often bring it to life, especially to illustrate a culture.

I got the travel bug early in life. I chose my college because it offered overseas programs. I love the adventure of exploring new places and learning about different cultures whether at home or abroad.  I am fascinated by textures, vibrant colors, the play of light, whether I'm out in Nature or exploring a city. My current project is to tell stories within my travel images. My favorite quote is by Ibn Batutta, a 14th century medieval explorer,   " Traveling leaves you breathless then it turns you into a storyteller."